10th Event

  1. Outcomes of the 10th Bonn Dialogues Event

    Five international panellists with expertise in the respective sectors discussed the core ideas and concepts of the water, energy and food security nexus, and why an integrated, interlinked approach is ever more important to successfully address the challenges of balancing resource demand and supply in the coming decades.

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  2. Poster & Postcard

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  3. Concept Note of the 10th Bonn Dialogues "The Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus"

    Based on the background information provided by the concept note, the panellists will address the following issues:

    • What is the “Water, Energy and Food Security Nexus”, and why is it important?

    • What are practical and institutional challenges to implement an integrated approach to the management of water, energy and food resources?

    • Which examples can we show as of today where integrated approaches to water, energy and food security were successful and led to solving problems of shortages?

    • How can water and energy awareness be achieved in the private, transnational food production and trade sector?

    • Will an integrated approach also benefit the poor, or does it cater mostly to the green conscious of the western world?

    • Can environmental management guided by the principle of a green economy help us to better cope with the effects of global environmental change?

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